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What: It's the last party before Lent!! It's also a Tuesday night hash celebrating Mardi Gras, Boobies, King Cake, New Orleans, Beer, and Virgins, all with a Mexican twist. 

When: This Tuesday, February 17th at 6:30pm. 
Where: Start location is the top of the parking garage on 11th and Spruce. There will be a quick circle but the end location is Bohemian Biergarten. Park your bicycles and motor cars accordingly. 
Hares: Miss Pippi Dong Stalker
Hash Cash: $5, with a bit of additional scrilla if you want to party all night long
Bring: Motha effing beads!! Pasties, NOLA spirit, Margarita glasses, sombreros, a poncho, clothing in the color family of purple/green/gold, homemade parade floats, HEAD LAMPS, yes, head. (Google "Mardi Gras New Orleans" for inspiration.) Bing proof you are 21 or older.
Trail: A-Aish, Aish not Amish. 
Dog/Stroller: The trail will be pup and kiddie friendly, for the most part, but every bar will refuse their entrance. My suggestion is leave the little friends at home. 
Hash Crash: You might get lucky. 😉
D'erections: 2028 11th Street Boulder, CO 80302

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