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BFHHH #359 (maybe?)
What: G4 Memorial Hash
Trail: A – A’
Hares: Chocolate Salty Balls & ProBoneMe (with much assistance from Yeast Infection, Pig Pimp, Pod, Muffet, the Green Pussy, and others)
When: Friday, September 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm
Pre-Lube: Odd 13 Brewing, 301 E. Simpson St, Lafayette
Where: Bob L. Burger Rec Center, 111 Baseline Rd, Lafayette
Hash Cash: $5
Theme: G4! Come in your favorite G4-related outfit, sci-fi costume, tutu, dress, or whatever. Or bring a bag of knitting. Or cover yourself in yarn like an over-caffeinated kitten. Or bring a Stanley thermos full of booze. Or drag along a shopping cart. Whatever makes you think of G4 is suitable.
Bring: Headlamps, drinking vessel, ID & money (just in case), anything that reminds you of G4, change of shoes & socks (just in case), a verse of Mañana (Way Down in Barcelona…), your best singing voice, throat lozenges, and a donation for the Lafayette Humane Society, to be made in G4's honor. 
Dogs? No, at least not of the canine variety. 
Strollers? Yes, with or without child.
D’Erections: Consult the Google.
Lost or Lonely? Call ProBoneMe (303-885-9606), who might actually remember to turn the volume up on her phone.

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