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Greetings intrepid wankers! This Saturday some half-mind promised our sexy neighbors to the north that the Boulder Kennel would stage an invasion of their Alice in Wonderland Hash!

But wait! The Hash gods have smiled upon us and that’s not until 5:00. Which leaves plenty of time for a Pre-Lube trail of our own here in the People’s Republic!! You don’t even have to be going to Fart Collins to join us (but you will miss out on half-nekkid Caterpillars and March Hares)

What: A short Alice in Wonderland pre-lube hash

Where: Gregory Canyon Trail-cranium

When: Saturday 10/10 @ High Noon

Hare: Amber Alert

Hash Cash: $3 – Free for anyone taking Fort Collins DD duties!

Bring: A desire for something short and hard, virgins, conversation topics not about Beano’s mom, lube to prepare us for the rabbit hole, virgins, hobos, missing Folsom bike lanes, and maybe a tween for Amber.

PARKING NOTE: Gregory canyon doesn’t have a ton of parking, so it may be full. If so, turn around and park along the South side of Baseline where it becomes legal. Enjoy a short and furious (like sex with Lady Dayz) stroll to the trailhead.

-Amber Alert