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What: January 25th is the birthday of Robert Burns, the famous 18th century Scottish poet, and is the day for Burns Night celebrations in honor of his life, poetry and songs (he wrote “Auld Lang Syne”, among many others). So let’s celebrate by running a trail in kilts, drinking some of the finest cheap scotch (or cheapest fine scotch?), and eating some Scottish food while singing songs in circle. I’m probably not going to bother finding a sheep’s stomach, heart, and lungs for a haggis though. There will also be beer.

When: Sunday (not Saturday), January 25th, 1:69 PM (you know, a bit after 2)

Hares: Weird Ball MacYank-a-Dick and R.U. Cummingtonite

Where: Upslope’s old Lee Hill taproom in North Boulder.

Trail: A–A’

Hash Cash: $5

Bring: A Scottish kilt, a song for Robbie Burns, a thirst for whisky, your favorite sheep, dry shoes.

On-After / Pre-lube: Come early and enjoy a warm-up pint at Upslope while we gather, and after circle we can head back inside for an on-after drink somewhere warm.

D’Erections: Upslope’s Lee Hill taproom
1501 Lee Hill Road N20 / Boulder, CO
Off Lee Hill Dr, between Broadway and 28th St

It’s easy to bus there: just take the Skip to the end of the line by the Bustop, then cross Broadway.

Lost on trail, looking for the hares, or just wondering if it’s whisky or whiskey? Call Weird Ball at 303.717.7994.

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