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When the alphas are away, the betas will play! This Saturday, get your ass down to the <strike>gangbang</strike> Boulder B-Team Hash!

Half the kennel is out in Phoenix prancing around in lady clothes. That means more lady clothes for us! Ever wonder what happens when the hounds catch the hares? Prepare to chase the slowest hares this side of a rabbit meat farm. Then, prepare to be disappointed as they successfully elude you using underhanded tactics worthy of Wyle E Coyote.

Come dressed as a shitty version of your favorite A-Team member. Suggestions: Hannibal Burress, Howlin' Mad Rupert Murdock, Templeton (Face Time) Pecker, Lactaid, Yellow Alert, Rochester, Wierd Al Yankovich, R U Coming Over for Dinner To Meet My Mom, Liza's Sweet 16, Self-Service Gas Station, Pippi Longstockings, Mustang Mach 1, or BO Baracus.

Marshall Mesa Trailhead
5258 Eldorado Springs Dr
Boulder, CO 80303

Pre-lube at the trailhead from the mouth of Neil.
On-after at your house. Better tidy up!

Parking is free for vehicles registered in Boulder County. There's also a bus stop within wanking distance. (No, Cockchester, not -that- bus stop.)

2pm MDT Saturday April 11th 2015 C.E.

He Who Shall Not Be Named (a.k.a. Just Barry) & Goats Gone Wild

A to A' to A
Rocks, dirt, rude mountain bikers, and snakes. Uphill both ways. Dogs are allowed in the park, but we may encounter cows, cactus, and did I mention snakes?

$5, virgins, bird-watching guide, wilderness survival kit, hare-spotting binoculars, snake bite kit, your knee and ankle brace, inhaler, water for your dog … I don't know, you all seem to show up to these things more prepared than I, so I'm sure you know what you'll need.

You can call Just Barry at 720-971-4049 if you get lost. Leave an angry message if nobody answers. On On!

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