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Since All-American Cumstain only knows about Facebook, not anything so old fashioned as email or webpages, I’ll forward this announcement:


Who knew Hashers were bad at organizing shit? Well, come by for a pickup hash this Saturday at 1:69. For those of you who do not know what a pickup hash is, here are the spark notes: everyone hares, we get lost, we get drunk, we get more lost then we finish and drink more. For those of you who do not know what spark notes are: you are a nerd.

What to bring: no 5 dolla required for a hola this time. Bring either beer or an awesome snack, I will provide flour and a rack of the cheapest beer available at the emporium. Also bring: ID, change of shoes, favorite Hall and Oates album, your graphing calculator, more beer, wine and cheese, a good attitude.

What not to bring: underwear, a can’t do attitude, blackface, weapons, the Nixon Tapes.

Where: South Boulder Campus (xc course).

Time: 1:69 Mounting Time

D’erections: Ha, you thought I would Google it for you.

Dog/Strollers: who knows! it is a pickup hash. Dogs in strollers will be fine.

Boulder H3 Info:

Colorado Info:

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