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What: I know most of you will still be in a haze of tryptophan and family overdose, so the hares will take it real easy on you. There is no theme. There are no water crossings, no snow or ice, and best of all no beer. Wait!? What?! Just kidding. There will be all the booze!

When: Friday, November 28th at 12:15pm
Hares: Just Jon's virgin lay! and Pippi
Hash Cash: Five Bucks
Bring: Change of shoes, warm things, thermoses filled with hot boozy bevies, black hooded sweatshirts, your new Best Buy credit card debt, leftover turkey, your grandma, Beano's mom, and all the leftover cranberry sauce that you can juggle. 
Trail: A to Aish, circle will be inside if our tits can hang with the cold. 
Dogs/Babies: Dogs will absolutely love this trail. We scouted with a stroller and made the children walk. It is baby bjorn friendly, but not stroller. 
D'erections: The link to the damn place is in this post. Buses and carpooling is strongly encouraged. 

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