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06/15/2019 at 03:30PM


Tom Watson Park




1) 250 meter swim (drink a beer, swim 125 m, drink a beer, swim 125 m)
2) 4 mile bike (drink a beer, bike 2 mi, drink a beer, bike 2 mi)
3) 1 mile run (drink a beer, run 0.5 mi, drink a beer, run 0.5 mi)

— That’s 6 total beers, so we’ll be drinking 8oz beers. If you want larger than that, BYOB. (Full sized beers will be provided at on-after.)
— If you want to do half the distance of the whole thing or whatever combination of distances of any of the legs, go for it. Make it your own, no pressure to do the full thing. Enjoy yourselves.
— The start of the course is about a half mile from where we are meeting. So be somewhat timely so we can all head over there together in time for a 420 national anthem.
— If you think the water is gross, that’s your problem. There are showers at Tom Watson Park if you really want one.

— Swimmy clothes, goggles, swim caps for speed, shoes & clothing for biking/running, helmet (we like your half-mind as it is, no need to quarter mind it), towel, sunscreen, bug spray.
— Where we are meeting is not at the start of the course itself. We’ll be biking over to the start a half mile away. So you’ll need to be able to carry over whatever gear you need to the start/finish/transition area.

— We’re technically not allowed to be swimming where we’ll be swimming. So let’s not dilly dally in the water too long. And let’s not swim nude—one broken rule at a time please.
— We didn’t confirm, but it’s likely you can stand up for the entirety of the swim. If you drown, politely ask someone to save you.
— The bike is on very fine gravel which can be hecka slippy if you’re making any quick turns and there is one semi-bumpy downhill section (about 150 yards). If you’re bringing a road bike, make sure you know how to handle that bad boy / take your time on the technical stuff.
— There are hecka folks out walking dogs and enjoying their lives and such. Some of the bike section is narrower than others. Be courteous.

— Assuming we’re all mobile and drunk on bicycles, we can pop into one (or multiple) of Gunbarrel’s many food-trucked breweries on our journey back to where ever you lay your head/pipe.
— It’s almost the summer solstice, so be sure to bask in the near endless sunlight we will have on this day.




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Get yourself to Tom Watson and we’ll head over to the course together no later than 4pm.

Lady Dayz