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WHEN: 02/07/2016 at 01:00PM

WHERE: Pippi and Mach’s Place (click to view on Google Maps)

HARES: All American Cum Stain and Liza’s Lady Dayz


STUPID BOWL: All of the Peyton Manning’s in the National Football League made it to “The Big Game.” Our local’s sport’s team’s worthy foe are the Panthers of the pre-1729 British colony, Carolina. So cum celebrate with all the food and all the beer and watch the game on all the TV’s and play grab ass in all the hot tubs.

STUPID EASY: For whatever reason the Boulder Hash House Harriers have been setting incredibly difficult trails as if we have something to prove. To whom, I ask? All those virgins and visitors who refuse to come back after we beat their ass and pretend we’re in better shape than we think? Well I, like most misogynistic violent hashers, like virgins AND visiting strangers. They offer something Brrrggghhhh lost long ago (a willingness to get jiggy with other hashers). So this one is gonna be easy. Cum one, cum all (over my face).

HASH CASH: $7 and food




BRING FOOD! Pippi and Mach are gracious enough to post a sports viewing party after the hash so if you’re gonna stick around, bring a dish to pass. Also bring an adopted sense of home-team enthusiasm, over-the-counter boner meds, whatever the female equivalent is of that last thing (pictures of Truck Stop shirtless?), the Hashit, and a hug for Pippi and Mach.


Pippi and Mach live in North Boulder by a mountain. If you’re taking a bus up Broadway, get off at Elder and then walk up Evergreen all the way up the hill to 4th and take a right. Basically same rules if you are in a car/helicopter.


There is crash space at Pippi and Mach’s but keep in mind it is a school night. Dergs will be fine on trail but leave your pups at home if you’re gonna stick around for the game. Take your shoes off at the door and don’t eat food in the hot tub or touch its buttons.

CONTACT: Lady Dayz can be reached at or 585-687-8552

L. L. Dayz