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What: 1/4 Cup of Cock’s virgin lay (It’s about time you lazy fuck!) The Golden Hash! Get your tukus in a car and drive down to Golden for something a little different. The theme is: Be Who You want To Be (AKA your best impression of 1/4 Cup of Cock). Not dog friendly or stroller friendly- leave them with grandma. Trail is A-A’ This will surely be a complete shit show, not to be missed.

Who (‘Da hares): 1/4 Cup of Cock featuring very special mystery guest hare (looking for volunteers)

When: 13:69 (Please note this hash is early for logistical purposes get there by 2 o’cock pm) Since it will likely be hot, please plan accordingly.

Where: 1253 Arapahoe St (a parking lot)

Hash Cash: Cinco Dolares ($5USD) more money for beer at on-after and on-more-after.

Bring: ID on trail (very important), sunblock, container to imbibe water, bikinis, change of shoes, personal flotation devices, spelunking torch, rubber cat suit, disdain for tourists, thirst for watching your girls in bikinis (Amber Alert), rattle snake anti-venom, dry sack for technology, geology hand lens, sex toys, Lithologic section of the Fox Hills Sandstone near Golden (, Beano’s mom

On-After: We may have to be quick at the A’ ending place but I figure there might be some opportunities to sample Golden’s micro-brews.