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There will be a hash to commemorate two of the funkiest things that have ever happened on this Earth: Woodstock (8/15/1969) and the Wizard of Oz (8/15/1939). Wizards and hippies will unite for the first time in many years to run in a loop like idiots!

When: Saturday 8/15 @ 4:69 HST (5:09 pm)

Where: In front of SCARPA at Pearl Pkwy and Frontier Ave (opposite side of same building as Sanitas Brewery, near the train tracks) (,-105.249016/@40.0226282,-105.2496275,18z) 

Pre-lube: Sanitas Brewing at 4ish

Hares: Two newbs: Just Jon and Just Savannah

Hash Cash: $5 or an equivalent in Judy Garland’s personal poppy supply.

Bring: Wizards, hash, scare crows, tie-dye t-shirts, cowardly lions, boobs, free love, ruby slippers, poppy for days, shiggy socks, and a mellow attitude. (And costumes you wankers!)

Don’t Bring: That Harry Potter costume. This isn’t 2007.

Disclaimer: If anything goes wrong, blame the mis-management that concocted the idea to have two Just’s hare their first trails together.