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What: While the CU students are leaving, Mother’s Day is cumming up. Yo momma’s so special, you’d better run around and start drinking the day before…
When: Saturday May 9th, 1:69 PM
Where: North Boulder Park
Hares: Just Greg and Weird Ball Yank-a-Dick
Trail: A–A’
Hash Cash: $5
Bring: Jackets and dry clothes (rain is forecast), a bouquet of flowers, the hashshit, a mortar board cap, whistles, virgins, your mother, Beano’s mom…
Dogs: Should be fine.
Contact: Just Greg: 303-503-4434, Weird Ball: 303-717-7994
D’Erections: Parking lot at the NE corner of the park, Dellwood and 7th, near picnic tables and the picnic shelter.