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Frozen Dead Hash

Where: Nederland, CO (straight up Boulder Canyon)
meet at the Carasel of happiness, Carosil of happiness, corisal of happiness, caraway of happiness, parsal of happiness, karisil of happiness, korsica of happiness, carousal of happiness, arousal of happiness, boobs of happiness
whomever decided on the spelling of that word is my mortal enemy

Transportation: Take the bus YO.  It leaves at 12:10 from Boulder Transit Center and gets you to Ned at 1.  Enough time to grab a beer and wonder over to the circle of skewered animals.  Or come earlier to enjoy all the revelry of Frozen Dead Guy Days.

Hare: Mach 1.Whore

Cash: $5

Bring: vessel, hat, a lock of Beano's beard hair for good luck

Trail: A-Bish, no idea, we might be on a lake at some point though