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What:  The You Can’t Have Any Pudding Until You Beat Your Meat Hash – I’ve been living in Boulder for the past 12 weeks now and I’ve met many a homeless person with an iPad, seen a lot of pretty nature and sh*t, and had my fair share of organic free-range placenta burgers (it really saddens me to see those little guys caged up). I’d like to explore a bit of the area that isn’t so idyllic. So, in honor of the almost 30 something-th anniversary of the release of Pink Floyd’s semen(al) album “The Wall”, let’s check out a bit of this place that lets us know we’re just part of the machine, maaaan. So dress up in the way that you interpreted the movie, sober or not.
When:   11/22 @ 1:69
Where:  Upslope Brewing

      1898 S Flatiron Ct

Hares:  All American Cumstain and Just Sarkis
Hash Cash:  How much mescaline can you get with $5?
Bring:  A light brite, warm clothes, snow pants or no pants, scopolamine, moon-walking-out-of-a-potentially-bad-situation, pudding with proof in it (preferably higher than 100), edjukashun, teachers not leaving kids alone (ask Amber for tips), Beano’s Mom’s Mom, triangular prisms
Trail:  A(animals)–A’(tom Heart Mother)
Dog/Stroller Amigoly:  Pups will have a blast
D’Erections:  Just ask Alice