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What:  The No Fucking Theme Hash – Let's stop pretending we're Weird-Ball going through his mom's closet and just dress like a bunch of half-mind hashers.
When:   11/8 @ 1:69 HST (that's an hour earlier than recent hashes because boobs and balls look best with a little daylight)
Where:  Gravity Brewing -1150 Pine St, Louisville
Hares:  Cockchester and Amber Alert
Hash Cash:  .0146 Bitcoin  ($5)
Bring:  Cranium lamps or fleshlights, dry clothes (it's a Cockchester trail), virgins, weed candy, the award, pube trimmers (we'll hold Pod down), the grainy Lady Dayz and Beano's mom sex tape, new shoes, and pumpkin spice lube.
Trail:  A-A'
Dog/Stroller Friendly:  The doge should be fine.
D'Erections:  AltaVista that shit!

Amber Alert and Cockchester