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What:  Boulder H3 # 665 – The Sci-Fi Hash

When:  Saturday, February 16th @ 3 pm

Where:  Northmoor Park, Broomfield, CO. There’s a parking lot at the southeast corner, off E. 13th Ave.
The nearest cross streets are Cedar and Cottonwood.

Hares:  ProBoneMe

Hash Cash:  $7

Bring:  Tricorder, Starfleet/BSG/Farscape/etc uniform or outfit, TARDIS, blueprints for the Death Star, hand-knitted Starship Enterprise, Rebel Alliance swag…really anything nerdy and/or dorky and/or geeky. If you prefer wizards to spaceships, bring your D20 or Mauraders Map or whatever. Bonus points for any hasher who shows up in the Princess Leia outfit. You know the one I mean.

Trail:  A – A’ with indoor circle

Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Yes. Direwolves also ok.

Hash Crash/DD:  If you want to drink yourself into oblivion, you should come with a DD.

D’Erections:  Depends on where you’re cumming from. Northmoor Park is just west of Sheridan Blvd and just south of W. 136th Ave. Type “Northmoor Park, Broomfield, CO” into Google Maps and you’ll see where it’s located. The parking lot is at the southeast corner, near the Bal Swan Children’s Center.