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05/11/2017 at 5:69


Sawhill Ponds Trailhead


Amber Alert and Blackout Mount


It’s time once again for some semi-comptitive drinking and getting lost! BEERIENTEERING!

This Thursday your hares, Amber Alert and Blackout Mount will lead you on the second edition of this fledgling sport. Here are the rules, lazily copied from the first one.

It’s like a beer mile but with getting lost:
1) all participants will stretch, warm up, and eat a gluten-free orgasmic energy GU.
2) everyone receives a map with 3 or 4 locations marking hidden beer stashes.
3) everyone gets on their knees as Brrgggghhhh sings the national anthem
4) everyone must chug a beer before finding their way to the first location however they choose. When they get there, chug a beer before leaving for the next location. Place the empties in your sack! You can only complete the r*ce if you return to the start with 4 empties!
5) if a hobo has found one of the beer stashes you must either fight or outwit said hobo (see Weird-Ball for advice)
69) race back to the start with all your empties to receive your participation trophy! Now with no sharp edges!

Bring a sack and virgins. The more race-ist your virgin the better. If you’re showing up, RSVP on the facebook event or text the hare, so we know how much beer to hide.




A – A


Bike or carpool or something else smart to the Sawhill Ponds Trailhead. There’s a sign on the west side of 75th between Valmont and Jay Rds.

Amber Alert