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What:  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Hashers don’t NEED to be reminded about breasts but we can always learn more. So let’s run around and remind people to get drunk and feel themselves up.

Wear:  Ladies wear Pink (for lady-boob cancer) and guys wear Light Blue (for man-pec/boob cancer — yes, it’s a thing). 

When:  SUNDAY, October 12 @ 1:69 HST (aka 2:09 MST)

Where:  CU-Boulder South Campus (Racist Translation: CU Cross Country Course)
Hares:  Liza’s Lady Dayz and All-American Cum Stain
Hash Cash:  5 doll-hairs
Bring:  A taste for terrible alcohol (all you homebrewing fart sniffing craft aficionados, myself included, need to be reminded that there is no room for class at a Hash — we are going to make this difficult for the strongest of stomachs), at least two pictures of Beano’s Mom that you carry in your wallet, ID, lack of respect and/or dignity for yourself and others, stamina, a knowledge and disregard of all Surgeon General warnings, and The Award (Cap’n Swallows, I believe, has The Award… or is The Award, who’s to say?). 
Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Yaup… well, prolly.
On-After:  All are welcomed to walk around the corner to Lady Dayz and Cum Stain’s apartment, Just Cassaundra (Apt 104), for socializing and condom durability testing. Bring some cash for pizza and feel free to bring a dish to pass, snacks, booze, and/or old issues of People (it’s a fetish thing and it is very, very disgusting). Sorry, no dogs allowed in our apartment building. 
DD/D’Erections:  Sorry, wife took the car to Essex park for the weekend. Won’t be back until Sunday. I can give you a ride Sunday, if you like?
Lady Dayz and Cum Stain

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