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It’s time for the Bada.  The current forecast is for a nice afternoon, but that just means that the mud will be great.  We have a beer benefactor.  He will remain nameless for now but will be acknowledged in circle and made to drink.  HASH CASH IS REDUCED TO $2.  Come prepared to name Just Amanda.

What: Bada in Arvada 2013
When: Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY, November 3 @ 2PM
Hares: Spermes, Shoefucker, Just Amanda who desperately needs a name
Where: Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge,+Arvada,+CO&hl=en&ll=39.839287,-105.105321&spn=0.008024,0.015557&sll=38.997934,-105.550567&sspn=4.157307,7.965088&oq=two&hq=Two+Ponds+National+Wildlife+Refuge,+Arvada,+CO&t=m&z=16
Trail: A-A. About 3 miles.  Final scouting trip is Wednesday.  We’ll let you know how the water looks.
D’Erections: Get to Wadsworth by your favorite route.  Take Wads to 80th Ave and go west, towards the mountains.  Two Ponds is about 1.1 miles west of Wadsworth.  Look for the signs.
Bring: $2, note the cheap price, we have a beer benefactor, snow shovels, scuba gear, DRY, CLEAN CLOTHES OR YOU DON’T GET INTO THE ON-AFTER, thirst for beer, hunger for chili (there are 6 chefs), (there will be traditional Texas chili, vegan chili and green chile), virgins for Spermes, a job for Shoe, and a name for Just Amanda.
On-After: Spermes house, 8034 Marshall Circle, beer, chile, circle and maybe other goodies.

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