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12/16/2017 at 4:00 PM


Foothills Community Park


RU Cummingtonite and Closest Dick’ll Do


Theme: It’s our birthday!!! RU Cummingtonite and Closest Dick’ll Do are turning 21 again (for the 10th time)!! Yes, December 16 is our actual birthday. However, as December babies, we’re used to having to share the spotlight, so for this hash, we’ll be going on a quest for Christmas lights. Will we find some Boulder-approved LEED-certified free range organic gluten-free non-denominational holiday lights? Or will we all just get eaten by coyotes in the wilds of North Boulder? There’s only one way to find out. Wear your favorite birthday or holiday themed attire.

Dogs are OK. (But we don’t accept liability if they get eaten by coyotes.)

Bring: CAKE for post-trail/pre-circle. Yes, please bring cake. CT is bringing our favorite type of cake, and we humbly ask at least 1 of you to step up and also bring a cake. Please. 🙂
Also bring: Cranium lamps, fleshlights or flashlights, birthday and/or holiday themed attire, virgins, warm clothing for circle, Christmas lights, Beano’s mom, gifts for Cummingtonite and Closest Dick’ll Do and Baby Jesus, the Hashit, CRANIUM LAMPS.

On-After: ??? Maybe Upslope… maybe not.




A – A


From Broadway, head west on Violet. Go right when Violet ends, and follow the road around 2 bends (bend left, bend right), then you may finally take a left into the large parking lot and park there. We chose this spot since there are bathrooms, recycling bins, and cake eating tables – all the good stuff.

Closest Dick’ll Do