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05/29/2017 at 09:30AM


2336 Goss St, Boulder, CO


Sandy Sausage, Pippi Dong Stalker, and Blackout Mount


TL;DR: wear a toga. get drunk early. bring BBQ and lawn chairs and sides.

LONGER VERSION: This is the time of year that we criss-cross the Bolder Boulder in our togas and eat the good BBQ and blackout really early in the day. Tuesday is your new Monday. Don’t worry about what happens on Monday.

Semen for Vegan has allowed us to use her former home as a starting/pooping/ending/fucking and BBQ-ing area. Please bring some foods and beers and anything sex related that you’d like to have at your disposal to her and Probably Her Nipple’s former place (2336 Goss St).

BRING: lawn chairs, your racist friends, virgins, blankets, lube, yard games, beer and liquor

OTHER INFO: trail will not be particularly kid or dog friendly, but the doggos might be able to swing it. You might wanna park and bike/walk to the start. It’s gonna be a shitshow due to the influx of racists caused by the Bolder Boulder.




A – A


It’s in the middle of town. It’s near Backcountry Pizza. We’ve never been there. You’ll figure it out. I believe in you.

Sandy Sausage

Sandy Sausage@7135032198, Blackout Mount@7242636587, Pippi Dong Stalker =>