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5th Anal Boulder H3 Summer Campout

Friday, July 10 to Sunday, July 12

Hash Cash
$20 to Weird Ball Yank-a-Dick. Before the campout, either send $20 to through Paypal ( or hand him $20 cash (non-consecutive, unmarked bills).  Please put your hash name (and that of anyone whose rego you’re paying for) in the Paypal notes.

Lady Dayz will get out there early Friday morning in hopes to claim our desired site. If the desired site is not attained the website, Facebook and the email list will all be notified with the new GPS coordinates. Anyway you slice it, we will be along the same road, so follow the directions below.

Last year we had some tough directions. This year, we are giving you all the info you can possibly handle in hopes that no one will get lost.

By Car
Here are the Google Maps directions. Also, save and/or print the attached image for when you inevitable lose service on your phone.

Making the strong assumption that you half-minds can find your way to I-70 West from wherever you are coming from, the directions are as follows:

  1. Head southwest on I-70 W
  2. Take exit 232 toward U.S. 40 E/Empire/Granby (drive for 0.3 mi)
  3. Continue onto US-40 W (drive for 3.5 mi)
  4. Slight right to stay on US-40 W (drive for 43.2 mi)
  5. Turn right onto US-34 E (drive for 9.5 mi)
  6. Turn left onto Co Hwy 4 (drive for 1.9 mi)
  7. Turn right to stay on Co Hwy 4 (drive for 1.1 mi)
  8. *Slight right onto Co Hwy 455/Kawuneeche Rd 120 (drive for 3.0 mi)
  9. Turn right when you see the sign and the campsite will be at the end of a single lane road about a quarter mile long.

*There is a tricky part, however. Step No. 8 on Google says Hwy 455 but, in real life, the sign for this road says 120 (Kawuneeche Rd 120). See the image below and when you reach this sign, bear right. Then just under 3 miles down the road is our site.

By Train
There is a train from Denver to Granby for $36 one way. You’ll have to arrange transportation from Granby to the campsite on your own.

By Foot
Ask Truck Stop.

All day: Arrival and insane drinking. Lady Dayz will be there early so come try to find him busting one out behind a tree he thinks no one is around.
Evening time: A hastily put together short Hash put together by whomever wants.
12 PM: Midnight Naked Hash #1

All day: Insane drinking
3 PM: The main event Hash set by Self-Service Truck Stop, Mach 1.Whore, Brrrggghhhhhh
12 PM: Midnight Naked Hash #2

Morning: Cleanup, finish off the beer, awards for the most unforeseen hookup and most creative pubic hair, insane drinking.

What’s this all about
Like previous years this will be wilderness car camping. That means bring a poop shovel and a distaste for cleanliness in general. Also bring anything beyond beer that you need to keep you alive for the weekend.

What you get
  • All the (good) beer you can drink! That’s right, no schwag beer this year!
  • Unlimited viewings of Weird Ball’s weird balls
  • Naked fire jumping
  • Hashing
  • Lost pants
  • No jokes about sleeping with Beano’s mom
  • Just kidding
  • Lack of communication with the outside world
  • So many boobs